Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve



To remain competitive in the global automotive industry which is facing a paradigm shift due to increasing environmental regulations, changing consumer expectations and behavior along with fluctuating landscape of emerging markets.



Our healthcare experts helps the organizationsidentify and understand factors which drive the change in healthcare industry. We offer tailored solutions which empowers the healthcare leaders to keep themwell positioned and prepared for the future.

consumer goods and retail

Consumer Goods & Retail​

In order to succeed in the fast paced environment across industries and to cope with shifting consumer preferences and stringent regulatory environment companies, in CPG and retail industryrequire things which help them to increase customer loyalty and sales.



Products in the BFSI industry are complex and companies operating in the industry have greater expectations from the consumers though they and are less loyal, delivery channels are constantly evolving, regulatory framework is competitive and stringent.

defense and aerospace

Defense& Aerospace

The Research done by us for defense and aerospace industry provides planning, marketing, strategy building for a wider range of market and creating competitor intelligence services across segments of defense and aerospace industry.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Our enormous experience in oil and gas market researchprovides insights and ensures organizations in a way that they efficiently meet the needs of their customers.We study and do research for equipment market also, that helps companies to extract natural resources.



The new technologies in the ICT market helps in making the sector as the fastest growing sectors across the globe. We help our clients to respond quickly to ever changing and fast moving competition.

energy and power

Energy &Power

Market research is required for companies which are seeking decisions related to unpredictable environmentand want to diminish risk.Our reports on energy & power market will provide detailed and intensive analysis on emerging segments and covering prices



The chemicalmarket research done at Shingetsudevice strategies for a wider range of market which includes customer, business across different segments of chemicals industry. Companies operating in the chemical industry is facing fierce competition

water and waste management

Water & Waste Management

Shingetsu research offers an in-depth study and analysis of water and wastewater treatment technologies. We analyze the sub-segments such as instrumentation, delivery equipment, process equipment etc.