Consulting Services

Shingetsu’s management consulting services are dedicated to addressing critical organizational problems and provide sustainable and effective solutions to those problems.

We develop innovative strategies and design solutions around them, while being mindful of the evolving market conditions thus aiming to create competitive advantage for our clients.

We do not believe in one fit for all. We know, each business has its unique challenges thus providing right solution for your business to help you attain your goals is our goal.

Market Research and Reporting

One of Shingetsu key strength and expertise is their market research and reporting. We create custom reports for our clients as per their need and where the outcome of that research is proprietary to that client.

The reports are outcome of primary and secondary market study which addresses the client’s specific requirements. These reports are requested by our clients because they provide clear insights to address situational problems for which the published research reports are not adequate.

Shingetsu’s research studies are based on correct data coming from the right sources and empowers our customers with in-depth market intelligence to succeed in the market. We at Shingetsu not only depend on our talent pool but also leverage leading Analysts & Consultants in the market as we want to keep learning and evolving to be able to serve our customers better. We work in collaboration with client following Agile Methodology and having timely checkpoints with them.

Syndicated Research

In fast changing and competitive business landscapes, organizations across the globe need to keep up and be on their toes in order stay ahead of the industry competition. Gathering best practices and inclusive information to achieve this, can prove to be a strenuous task. Shingetsu prepares syndicated market research reports that comprise more than seventy industries.

Our syndicated reports try to cover all the crucial aspects in order to help our clients by presenting vital information such as but not limited to competitive analysis, shifting trends, product usage, consumer stance, high growth markets, brand strategy, upcoming technologies etc.

The solutions provided by us showcase valuable insights which are tested and proven to build sustainable growth model and business policies.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain and Operations is the backbone of any company and we at Shingetsu understand this simple fact. Our supply chain management research aims at identifying and recommend solutions to reduce these bottlenecks.

Our team of experienced researchers collaborate through multiple disciplines and deliver pioneering solutions to meet global supply chain challenges. We help in aligning supply chain policies, strategies and processes to issues related to infrastructure, logistics, demand and supply planning, inventory, continuity of supply and day to day operations to achieve the desired performance objectives.

While we at Shingetsu know that supply chains transformation is not easy and can be challenging for businesses, however with at technology savvy world we will leverage the technologies that will make this transformation seamless and most importantly minimize the impact to current operations.

In order to provide an appropriate service level to customers while keeping operational costs as low as possible, companies must design smart replenishment systems. This is where Shingetsu will help their customers.