Shingetsu Research team helps manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and other supply chain partners connect. Shingetsu research team specializing in Supply chain and procurement research and analysis to assists the client in acquiring new leads, bridging the gap between manufacturers and suppliers, solutions to supply chain process, managing suppliers with competitive edge and metrics, portfolio management for expansion into regions/countries.

We assist organizations in determining the potential market size for each B2B market sector and allowing them to compare their performance to the industry average. Key variables that may be benchmarked include production growth, profitability, labor expenses, and supplier structure. We also assist decision-makers in identifying significant game-changers to prepare for and adapt to the changing business environment.

Supply Chain Research

Shingetsu Connect 2.0



Connect 2.0


Research Delivery

Advantages of Connect 2.0


Supply Chain & Procurement Research Solutions Portfolio

Sourcing professionals leveraging our expertise across supply chain in multiple sectors


  • Research 360*
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Practise Assesment

Strategy Development

  • Low-Cost Country Sourcing
  • Best-Cost Country Sourcing
  • Cost models
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Outsourcing/Third Party Quality and Standard Adherence


  • RFP
  • RFI
  • RFQ
  • RFB
  • Contract System
  • Best Supplier
  • Best Distributors
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

Report Delivery

  • Supplier Metrics
  • Category Metrics
  • Pricing Trends
  • Best fit Leads
  • Category Trends

Customized Solution for Supply Chain Market Research and Analysis

Connect 2.0

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