Logistics & Freight Modelling

Shingetsu research focuses on doing the research which connects freight and logistics transport operations as logistics management which has impacts on transport operations. It answers issues at regional, local, global, or national levels and covers sectors across different transportation modes and includes the use of Information technology and communication in freight transport operations. Shingetsu research activities mainly relate to inter-disciplinary scientific approaches enlarging the scope of transport research to the broader framework of logistics and transport management. The concept of logistics perceived through a broad approach, including all methods and processes aiming at coordinating and optimizing the flows of goods, information, and capital along the entire supply chain. Therefore, our analysis activities focus on various interrelationships between production systems, supply chain strategies, and organization of freight transport systems. The rise of just-in-time supply systems and the importance of increasingly agile supply chains, combined with the new requirements for sustainable solutions, lead to new developments and show the importance of collaboration between transport users and transport operators to find solutions fulfilling sustainability objectives.